Are you trying for a baby?
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Posted By: Marianne Langley on 22 May 2009
Last Edited By: Marianne Langley on 03 July 2009

Are you and your partner trying for a baby?

Helen and Marianne are pleased to offer acupuncture to couples trying for a baby, as well as pre-birth acupuncture for pregnant mums and during childbirth.

We also offer Preparation for Birth sessions, during which the birthing partner will be taught acupressure techniques for use in the lead up to and during labour.

The key to the success of acupuncture in helping couples create a family lies in its ability to help improve the normal functioning of the human body. Whether this means regulating periods and promoting ovulation or improving the health of sperm - acupuncture can help.

In recent years we have seen the publication of many articles supporting the benefits of acupuncture during the IVF or ICSI process. Carre Street Clinic is pleased to offer acupuncture to couples thinking of, of embarking, on IVF or ICSI treatments.

For more information about how acupuncture can help you, or a free factsheet about increasing the health of sperm please contact the clinic.

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